See the Montana in Your Mind’s Eye.

As you travel through Southwest Montana, you’ll meet a diverse mix of friendly people — hoteliers, restaurateurs, shopkeepers, historians, ranchers, miners, fly anglers, cowboys (and girls) and more. You’ll have opportunities to glimpse elk, black bears, mule deer, moose, golden eagles and perhaps even a gray wolf. And you’ll find a treasure trove of places to rest your head — cabins in the woods, lavish Western resorts, dude ranches, comfortable hotels, campgrounds along crystal streams.

In other words, you’ll experience the Montana that you thought only existed in your imagination. Take a look around our photo galleries, where we showcase a sampling of fine photography to accompany a range of editorial content. To gain access to press-quality versions of any of these photos, simply email us and we will provide you with what you need!


Deer Lodge

Dillon & Big Hole Valley



Virginia City, Nevada City, and Ennis

Ghost Towns

Outdoor Activities

Rivers & Lakes